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BRUNO MANETTI is the brand name of the same named company, belonging to the Manetti family. The brand was incorporated in the mid ‘90s when Bruno entered the family company and decided to develop his own collection.
Born and bred in Florence, Tuscany, a land he is closely linked to, he finished his language and foreign literature studies in the city of Dante. And it was precisely in the cradle of the Renaissance that the inspiration sprang up for the creation of this noble and refined knitwear line.
Thanks to his language skills, he was immediately able to establish relations with international clients and today the company markets its products in the showrooms in Milan, New York and Dusseldorf. Cashmere is one of the most valuable, natural fibres with unequalled characteristics. It has always been known as the “fabric of the gods” not only for its sensual touch, but also for its extremely warm, lightweight structure. When you wear cashmere you wrap yourself in a caress of wellbeing since this noble fibre endows the body with marvellous natural sensations.

For over 15 years the BRUNO MANETTI brand has been melding research with the natural purity of fibres in unique and ever-trendy styles, enthralling its loyal customers with refined and exclusive collections, while also targeting an increasingly wider range of fans with its select men’s knitwear.
Painstaking care for all the finer details and the ongoing research in reinterpreting the idea of knitwear are the hallmarks of the collection.
Inside the company, immersed in the splendid Tuscan hills, expert craftsmen combine their traditional manual skills with last generation technology in this sector.

The BRUNO MANETTI woman is modem and loves indulging herself in something special.
She never foregoes her own femininity while choosing from the casual chic styles.

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