TWEED & VINE - A fresh Start

Michael Sabino, Founder of Tweed & Vine, began his career in apparel and retail many years ago.  As a young man, Michael worked for a wholesale cashmere and knit company, selling the finest cashmere sweaters to the best stores in the country.  When asked to develop new business in California, Michael jumped at the opportunity and while selling product to a store in Montecito, he fell in love with California and decided to re-locate to our state.  

At that time, Michael decided to open his own men's clothing store in San Francisco.  In 1980, he opened a small shop called Button Down on Fillmore street, next to the famous Balboa Cafe.  He quickly became a local favorite men's shop and realized that he needed to expand to a larger location.  He then moved his business to Sacramento St. in Presidio Heights.

The first store on Sacramento Street was in the space now well known as Spruce Restaurant.  A couple of years later the store moved to it's current location on Sacramento Street near Walnut St., where it continues a successful business today.

In 2020 Michael sold Button Down to good friends, and moved with his Partner, Kenny, to St. Helena, in the Napa Valley.  Having both lived there part time for several years, they chose to retire in the area because of the great community, beautiful surroundings, excellent quality of life and love of food, wine and design.  The desire to create a new store ended the real "retirement", but spurred their shared passion for the clothing business and the desire to start a new adventure in St. Helena.  Thus the beginning of Tweed & Vine.