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With his heart dedicated to fashion, Peter Lochmann decided in the 1980s to take a step that opened a new direction for the fashion industry: He founded the label HEMISPHERE. The experience he had gained at leading fashion brands such as Loro Piana and Prada provided a solid foundation with which he was able to realize his dream.

Peter Lochmann, the pragmatic doer with technical know-how is responsible for the implementation and production. In doing so, he specifically implements the specifications for achieving the perfect quality he himself demands. With his wife Isabell he found the ideal partner for his company. She is the artistic part of the management duo. Having studied interior design, she has a special feeling for shapes and colors, which goes hand in hand with her innate affinity for fashion.

Together with their creative team, they manage to create a contemporary collection every season with innovative and imaginative designs. Experimental mixtures of materials, unusual shapes and meticulously matched colors surprise every time anew. It is always a matter of creating a distinctive identity for each collection: everything is perfectly harmonized and can be combined with each other to create countless looks in a perfect style.

With the courage to constantly question and reinvent themselves, Peter and Isabell Lochmann manage to live innovation on the basis of a long tradition. They find inspiration in vibrant cities, in the diversity of nature and in people from different cultural backgrounds – tirelessly in search of beauty.

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